Amazonian Botanicals

YVY is absolutely different and absolutely better. Our products are made with only 100% natural Brazilian botanicals and oils. It’s totally pure, safe for your kids, pets and plants, industrial-grade effectiveness.

Amazonian Botanicals
Our Products

Our Products

All-Purpose Cleaner

Great for everyday cleaning. Eliminates odors and leaves a soft citrus scent. It is absolutely amazing for cleaning floors, windows and almost the entire house.

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Bathroom Cleaner

Strong contaminants killing action. YVY’s Bathroom Cleaner kills germs and bacteria with its strong cleaning power. It cleans surfaces thoroughly and leaves the entire bathroom shining.

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Kitchen Cleaner

Perfect for those oily, greasy surfaces, all that's left in your kitchen are sparkling-clean surfaces and a fresh citrus scent.

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How to Use


your bottle with water.


the capsule inside.


and get cleaning!


100% Natural

Zero Plastic Waste

Less CO2 Emission

Easy to Order & Cancel Anytime

Select Your Kit

Choose the cleaners that best fit your needs.

Get Your Refill

We'll send you refills as often as you need.

No Commitment Whatsoever

Skipping or cancelling is super easy.

Reusable Capsules

Easily return empty capsules for reuse.

Our Customers

It makes no sense to buy water and plastic.
Aline (San Francisco)
...all-purpose smell amazing.
Sarah (Brooklyn)
YVY it is much better for my dog.
Joe (Houston)
I use when i clean homes and my customers love it.
Antoniette Marie (El Paso)

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