Eco Cleaning Tips

General Tips: Working towards an Eco Cleaning Solution


Green cleaning works if people do it the right way. It is an incredibly beneficial tool to help reduce our impact on the planet while also taking care of our health and of our loved ones. There is a lot of content out there talking about it so we decided to combine the most important and helpful tips on this post to guide you through this activity.

For those who want to get started right away, here are some cleaning tips to follow: 

1. Use multi-purpose products whenever possible.

Companies are formulating a “one product fits all” solution such as multi-purpose cleaners. What sets it apart from the rest is its advantage of high material compatibility and a wide range of uses like cleaning all corners of the home. To expound, here are the following purposes of multi-purpose cleaning products: 

Some products only require you to spray the surface and clean and wipe the solution off after a few seconds. Also, multi-purpose cleaning products that are non-toxic don't need much rinsing after use. 

2. Reuse plastic bottles and take advantage of refills

Brands have been exploring ways to reduce the environmental impact regular cleaning products do. Thus, to some it might mean offering non-toxic alternatives to the consumers who are gearing towards sustainability. Several brands use reduced-plastic packaging by creating a sustainable packaging of concentrated cleaning refill capsules. 

Aside from reducing plastic packaging, the idea of a refillable system lowers carbon footprint from shipping, which is a win-win for the consumers and the environment. 

Cleaning Tips for your Bathroom

1. Use products without harsh chemicals

Though commercial products are effective in cleaning toilets, tiles, and sinks, they are still bad for the health and the environment. Hence, experts advised to avoid products containing harsh chemicals and replace them with all-natural cleaning products. 

Natural ingredients like natural surfactants and deionized water can still clean toilets, tiles, sinks, and dirty surfaces in the bathroom.  

2. Follow the two steps in cleaning your bathroom using natural cleaning products.

    Bacteria and viruses are present in the bathroom, so extra cleaning needs to be done. Though green products are effective in cleaning, steps still need to be followed to clean effectively. The USDA recommends performing a two-step cleaning process to reduce the transmission of bacteria and viruses.

    1. Do surface cleaning, remove dirt and grime to wipe the germs away. This doesn’t necessarily kill the bacteria, but it will reduce the risk of transmission. This step is essential to prepare your surface for the second step. 
    2. Use a disinfectant to kill any remaining bacteria and viruses on your surface. This will kill all microbes because your surface is already free of dirt, oil, and grime, as done in the first step. Make sure to check the label to ensure that the product is an effective disinfectant. 

    Cleaning Tips for your Kitchen

    1. Use a mild cleanser to clean kitchen messes and dirt

    Mild cleaning products are ideal for cleaning kitchen countertops, especially that there are countertops that require using gentle abrasives like quartz countertops. If toxic chemicals are used in such, it can ruin its looks. 

    All-natural products are as effective as commercial cleaning products for cleaning grills, stoves, and other dirty surfaces. These products use gentle abrasives and combine them with cleaning agents from renewable sources like the ones available in YVY Naturals. One of the ingredients in our kitchen cleaner is Citric Terpenes, an effective stain, grease, and tar remover. 

    2. Use bio-based ingredients to wash your dishes.

    Dyes and synthetic fragrances can affect your plates’ quality; thus, using dishwashing liquid with harsh chemicals isn’t advisable. You can find plant-based formulas like YVY Naturals kitchen cleaners. These products contain natural fragrances such as essential oils that bring antiseptic and antibacterial cleaning power. 


    All-natural products like YVY Naturals can be your eco cleaning solution

    Intending to provide choices for families who want to live a zero-waste and vegan lifestyle, YVY Naturals have the mission to clean the way we clean. We have products such as all-purpose cleaners, bathroom cleaners, and kitchen cleaners to help households clean their surfaces without worrying about their loved ones getting sick or contributing to air pollution. YVY Naturals offers different kits for you to choose from. Click here to start shopping. 

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