The Versatility of the All Purpose Cleaner

The All Purpose is without a doubt the most versatile and efficient cleaning product for the home. It is a powerful ally for almost all environments: ceiling, floor, wall, glass, kitchen and even bathroom. Mainly, the natural All Purpose offers other advantages when compared to the conventional ones, such as the elimination of odors without damaging surfaces or furniture, while bringing fresh scent to your place and care for the environment. Without a doubt it is a product that cannot be missing in your home.

YVY's All Purpose cleaner is safe and useful for all situations and can be used almost anywhere in the house. We have listed some tips on how to use it in your house. Check it out!

Bedroom & Living Room

Our All Purpose is great for cleaning furniture without running the risk of leaving stains, since it has a totally natural formula, of vegetable origin and is not abrasive. To use it, just spray a little of the product on a clean cloth and clean the desired surface.


In addition, the YVY Multi-Purpose can be used to clean the floor. In this case, just dilute a capsule in half a gallon of water in a bucket. This will definitely get your floor clean and your house will be smelling great!  



The Multipurpose is excellent for cleaning the window, since it does not leave the glass with a strange smell or any kind of mark. The big secret of using a good multipurpose to clean the windows is to count on the help of a lint-free cloth to remove any product left. 


Other Uses

To honor its name, our All Purpose cleaner can do the job in the whole house. Even in the kitchen and the bathroom. One of the great things about using a natural cleaning product is that you avoid inhaling the toxic chemicals that all the regular products have, and that happens a lot when you use these products in enclosed spaces like bathrooms, that also require a tougher cleaning than most parts of the house. YVY's All Purpose can definitely handle the job, but you can also try our special bathroom and kitchen products. They smell great and are perfectly adequate to clean their respective target rooms with the most quality and care. 

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