The following are frequently asked questions. Hope they help you, but if not,
you can always contact us: welcome@yvynaturals.com

How it Works

How do I make YVY natural cleaners at home?

First, fill your YVY bottle with water, up to the mark. Any clean water, even from the tap, will work fine! Then, place your reusable capsule upside down inside the bottle and close the bottle passing the spray tube through the pod hole. Wait a few seconds and your YVY natural cleaner will be ready to use.  

Do I need to use hot water?

No. YVY is ready to be diluted in water at any temperature. 

Do I need to shake the bottle before each use?

No need to shake.

How much liquid does one capsule make?

If you fill the bottle up to the mark, one reusable capsule will make 18.5 oz of YVY cleaning product. 

Can I mix the product in a bucket?

Yes! Sounds like a good idea, especially if you are cleaning a large space, such as your living room floor.

Our Products

What are YVY cleaning products' ingredients?

YVY is the only cleaning product in the market that is 100% made from natural and renewable sources. Check out below our safety data sheet: 

Product CAS No Source
Orange terpenes mixture 5989-27-5 Natural
Laurilic alcohol derivatives 68439-50-9 Natural
Quaternary ammonium derivatives 64755-05-1 Natural
Ethanol 64-17-5 Natural
Sodium lauryl ether sulfate 9004-82-4 Natural
Fragrance Trade Secret Natural
Are the ingredients really natural and plant-based?

Yes! We have dedicated our last 10 years to research and develop natural cleaning products that actually work. Our products do not have a single drop of synthetic agents.

Where are the products made?

Our products are made in Brazil, with citrus ingredients and Amazonian botanicals fragrances.

How many capsules should I order?

Each family will have its own needs, depending on the number of members, size of the house and frequency you clean. Try our Home Kit via subscription and we can adjust the delivery time if you need. 

Are YVY cleaners safe?

Yes. No cleaning product is safer than YVY. You will experience  the difference of not having chemical ingredients at your home. 

Are YVY ingredients safe to clean baby rooms?

Sure!!! That was one of our major concerns during the 10 years we spent to develop YVY. We only use natural ingredients with no synthetic agents. 

Are YVY products pets safe?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Pets are very sensible to cleaning products. We care so much about them. Our agents and fragrances are 100% plant-based. 

Are YVY products Ph balanced?

Yes. Each of our natural cleaners is balanced in Ph levels to the surfaces you will be cleaning.  

Are YVY products gluten-free?

Yes. No gluten here!!!

Are YVY products organic?

Quality is our obsession and a core value in our company. We source only high quality Brazilian natural ingredients for our products, but they are not organic. 

Are YVY products vegan?

Yes, absolutely. Our products are vegan and none of our ingredients are made from animal products or byproducts.

Our Packaging

Are YVY capsules reusable?

YVY is zero plastic waste. We invested a lot of time to have our capsules fully reusable. After 5 shippings of 6 capsules, contact us (welcome@yvynaturals.com) and we will schedule to take the 30 capsules back and reuse them. 

Do YVY reusable capsules come punctured?

Yes. This hole that you see in each of our capsules is intended to make it easier to pass the spray tube.  

Can I reuse YVY bottle?

That's the idea. We do not need more bottles in world. Our bottles can last forever. 

What if I need another bottle? How can I get it?

Although the bottles have no expiration date, send us an email if you loose or damage your bottle and we will get you another one. 

Can I use the bottle of one YVY product with another?

Sure. The bottles are interchangeable.  

Your Order

I have just ordered my YVY products. When should I expect them toarrive?

Our products usually take 3 days to get to your house after your order is confirmed. 

How can I track my order?

You will be notified via email with the USPS tracking number. 

I want to change my subscription package. Is that possible?

Sure. You can do it via the website or contact us via email and we will make the adjustments. 

What is YVY's return policy?

You have 30 days to decide if you are satisfied with our products. If, for any reason, you want to return one or more products, contact us and we will do everything to make it right for you. 

What if I receive a capsule that is leaking?

That is not normal but it can happen. Please send us an email (welcome@yvynaturals.com). We will send a new capsule right away. 

Payment & Subscription

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping cost is $3,99. 

Can I pause my subscription?

Sure. Anytime. You can do it at the website. 

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