All of our ingredients are certified natural Brazilian botanicals. Absolute cleaning power. No chemicals. No plastic waste. No unnecessary CO2 emission. No hassle.


Citric Terpenes 

What is it? 100% natural cleaning agents made from citrus fruits. They are natural replacement for cleaning solvents made from chlorine or petroleum

What it does? Effectively removes stain grease, tar and more

Natural Surfactants

What is it? Made from vegetable fats, surfactants are 100% natural. 

What it does? Surfactants improve cleaning power.

Essential Oils 

What is it? 100% natural oils, synthesized, stored and released by plants. 

What it does? Essential oils bring antiseptic and antibacterial cleaning power with an aromatic fragrance. 

Natural Colorants

What is it? 100% natural colorant extracted from fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs.

What it does? Standardizes the color of our products without toxic chemicals. 

Deionized Water  

What is it? Clean, potable water that has all its ions removed.

What it does? Acts as a thinner and solvent that maximizes cleaning power.

Product CAS No Source
Orange terpenes mixture 5989-27-5 Natural
Laurilic alcohol derivatives 68439-50-9 Natural
Quaternary ammonium derivatives 64755-05-1 Natural
Ethanol 64-17-5 Natural
Sodium lauryl ether sulfate 9004-82-4 Natural
Fragrance Trade Secret Natural


All-Purpose Cleaner

Our All-Purpose Cleaner has a refreshing citrus fragrance, just like fresh citrus fruits from the farmers market.

Kitchen Cleaner

Our Kitchen Cleaner finishes with the scent of freshly-harvest, sweet oranges.

Bathroom Cleaner

The Bathroom Cleaner has a clean fragrance marked by the aromas of noble woods, with hints of lavender and eucalyptus. 

Where to use

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