The YVY Story

The Wow Moment

The 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro did more than award record-setting champions, it spurred the idea for a new way to clean. One of our founders, Rodrigo Tostes, was the Chief Operating Officer for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. The Rio Olympic Village was the largest in Olympic history, but with size comes challenges. How do you clean such a large facility with quality and speed? Rodrigo turned to his lifelong friend and YVY Naturals co-founder Marcelo Ebert, who was the CEO of a cleaning company at the time. When Marcelo mentioned testing out a new solution that would be effective and at the same time 100% natural and create less waste, Rodrigo became immediately interested. Rodrigo saw this type of product as a game-changer. His teams could move faster to clean the thousands of rooms because the pods were much lighter than carrying around traditional cleaning supplies. Not only did they save time and money, they reduced plastic not needing to toss out single-use bottles when empty, and pods were much easier to store. It was a win-win-win, strong cleaning power without chemicals and less plastic to haul around meant quicker speeds and less impact on the environment. Thus, YVY Naturals was born.

We Live By Our Principles

YVY (ee-vve) was born in Brazil, a result of watching the deforestation of the Amazon Rain Forest and wanting to help. But our motivation goes farther than just helping Brazil. We see the waste and pollution in the entire cleaning industry and think we can do MUCH better. We want to change, for the better, how products are created, the ingredients they use, how they get to you and how they are used and reused. Brazil and the Amazon was our inspiration but the world is our goal - we know we can do better! Let's Clean for Good!

YVY's (ee-vee)
Name Story

A principle translated into words: Secular Brazilian indigenous wisdom taught us of a land without evils, where there is communion between man and nature - that is the meaning of YVY (ee-vee). It is this symbiotic relationship that inspired us to fashion a new way of cleaning our homes, simpler, with maximum efficiency and minimum impact on the planet and our health.

Our Purpose

In 2018, YVY was born with a clear purpose: to clean up the way we clean. We're here to bring much needed sense into this fundamental daily habit and forever transform household cleaning. It's simple. We're out to clean the dirt in cleaning products, drastically reducing the plastic waste in cleaning routine and CO2 emissions in how products get to you. We want to bring more value and convenience to you, and for everyone to enjoy a safer environment at home and in the world. We want to forever change the way we clean - for better.

Why YVY?

YVY is absolutely different and absolutely better. Our products are made with only 100% natural Brazilian botanicals and oils. It’s totally pure, safe for your kids, pets and plants, industrial-grade effectiveness. What else would you need? To be delivered to your door? Oh, yeah, we got you covered. Reusable and Returnable Capsules? Yes... Reusable pods that preserves the quality and integrity of our craft, and while at it, it also helps us to preserve the environment.

Our Principles

- Absolute Transparency: We have nothing to hide, and we take great leaps to use transparency to to bring much needed social and environmental responsibility to our category. YVY goes above and beyond to make everything we do know-able, which makes us accountable to every decision we make.

- Quality Obsession: We are relentlessly dedicated to raising the bar on quality and giving families the best and safest cleaning power on Earth. Our high quality standards show up in everything we make and do, in our relationship, our design, texture, scent and in the results of our products so our consumers can rely and we they're getting - everytime.

- Ease and Simplicity: We are simplifiers, all for our benefit of our planet and for our consumers. We do everything we can to remove any and all barriers to health and happiness by making access, information, benefits and our products, uncomplicated and easy.

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