All-Purpose Kit

What is inside?

We want to make your life easier. The all-purpose kit takes care of nearly every space in your home without toxic chemicals. Meet our most convenient kit. 

1 refillable bottle FREE WITH SUBSCRIPTION
6 all-purpose cleaners (102 oz) 


    Citric Terpenes 

    What is it? 100% natural cleaning agents made from citrus fruits. They are a natural replacement for cleaning solvents made from chlorine or petroleum

    What is does? Effectively removes stain grease, tar, and more. 

    Natural Surfactants

    What is it? Made from vegetable fats, surfactants are 100% natural. 

    What it does? Surfactants improve cleaning power.

    Essential Oils 

    What is it? 100% natural oils, synthesized, stored, and released by plants. 

    What it does? Essential oils bring antiseptic and antibacterial cleaning power with aromatic fragrance. 

    Natural Colorants

    What is it? 100% natural colorant extracted from fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs.

    What it does? Standardizes the color of our products without toxic chemicals. 

    Deionized Water  

    What is it? Clean, potable water that has all its ions removed.

    What it does? Acts as a thinner and solvent that maximize cleaning power.


    All-Purpose Cleaner:  Our All-Purpose Cleaner has a refreshing citrus fragrance, just like fresh citrus fruits from the farmers market.

    WHERE TO USE    

    All-Purpose Cleaner:: windows, furniture, walls, objects, electronics, floor, odor, fungi. 

    Our Customers

    I love the bathroom cleaner fragrance.
    Megan (LA)
    I don't need to hide cleaning products from my kids.
    Mark (Palo Alto)
    Great product but much better the convenience to have subscription.
    Kirsten Xoo (Miami)