Large Home Kit
Large Home Kit
Large Home Kit
Large Home Kit
Large Home Kit

Large Home Kit

Have a big family? Or do the messes they create make you feel like it? Between dogs and kids, it's hard to stay ahead of the cleaning. 

That’s why we created this kit as a complete cleaning solution! No need to worry about messes from Timmy or Fido with this big boy on hand! 12 capsules provide you with 204oz of natural cleaning power!

What is inside?

3 refillable bottles (free on subscription)
6 all-purpose cleaners (102 oz)
3 kitchen cleaners (51 oz)

3 bathroom cleaners (51 oz)

About our price

Each pod is $ 3.29. On this kit, each bottle is $ 3.32 on one-time purchases - but they are free on subscriptions!

Our Customers

I love the bathroom cleaner fragrance.
Megan (LA)
I don't need to hide cleaning products from my kids.
Mark (Palo Alto)
Great product but much better the convenience to have subscription.
Kirsten Xoo (Miami)
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